Jewish Tempel and Cemetery Foundation from Debrecen

Both in Jewish and Christian thought and tradition, the most important and holiest idea is the family. The balance and stability of mind is one of the pillars. The most important, but it alone is unstable, because we can not rely forever each other in order to promote harmony and spiritual balance.
There is a need for ourselves as well. The fact that we find it vital for our own strength that gives the stability of the other pillars, which support and can help to highlight among others us, so as to show the world that they are beautiful and staff benefit our thoughts are terminal for our staff.
A single thought, which is for the benefit of our people of other such thoughts.

The Foundation was created with the goal in 1996 to serve in Debrecen synagogues and the Jewish cemetery on the Monostorpályi road. Financial resources of the community members, Debrecen emigrants, tourists visiting the temple, as well as a percentage of personal income tax pledges are made up, sometimes supplemented by tendering opportunities.

The Jewish cemetery lies several Debrecen's life, economic, cultural, scientific and social development plays an important role of personality, beginning with the 1848-1849's freedom fighter from, Arthur Lefkovics, founder of the Urban Museum (now it’s Déri Museum), Rex brothers ( the founders of the predecessor of today's BIOGAL), dr. Józsa Ladányi into (the wolf's throat and cleft lip surgical procedure first developed in the world), to dr. Miklós Balkányi (the initiator of urban telephone network), and also the list goes on. In addition, many Holocaust Memorial - imported in small rural settlements monuments, memorial plaques - a settlement martyrs immortalized the names of famous personalities Rabbi graves found in it.

Our foundation tries to capabilities of the cemetery as the synagogues maintain consistency preservation of the Jewish community to help.


2024. május 26.  | 


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  • 4025 Debrecen, Pásti u. 4.
  • 4025 Debrecen, Kápolnási u. 1.


  • Elnök: Horovitz Tamás
  • Alelnökök: Keresztes Attila
                    Dr. Grosz Zsuzsanna
  • Elérhetőség: 4025 Debrecen,
                       Bajcsy Zs. u. 26 sz.
  • Ügyfélfogadás: hétköznapokon 8:00 – 14:00